Monday 17 November 2008

SSKC Kata Cup - E3

The TSB Cup
Under 17 Mixed Kata
2019Lucy Winn - YSKC
2018Tommy Cahill - SSKC
2017Jadzia Molloy - TKF
2016Louis Johnson - Red Tiger
2015Jonathan Whitham - HSKC
2014Mackenzie Hopkins - Seibukan
2013Emily Crockford - SSKC
2012Holly Bamford - HSKC
2011Eleanor Dook - YSKC
2010Holly Bamford - HSKC
2009Nick Mina - HSKC
2008Dom Schilke - SSKC
2007Rebecca Brant- SSKC
2005Dom Schilke - SSKC
2000Thomas Gott - SSKC
1999Thomas Gott - SSKC
1998K LeRoy
1997Vicky Cook
1995Steve Bland
1994Ashley Dilcock
1993Ashley Dilcock
1992Ashley Dilcock
1991W Maw
1990S Flack
1989L Martin
1988Ian S Culpan
1987P Riley
1986R White
1985I Rhodes
1984I Rhodes
1983I Rhodes

Note : In 2005 The Cup was re-designated as an Under 17 Event 

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