Monday 17 November 2008

SSKC Kumite Cup - E12

SSKC Kumite Cup
15 to 17 years -Male Kumite Cup
2019Will Martin - HSKC
2017Jonathan Drayton - Toukon
2016Matthew Ross - KNM
2015Matthew Ross - KNM
2014Shaun Green - Seibukan
2013Darenz Custudio - Walsall
2012A Daniel -LKA
2011Phoenix Pierce (Seibukan)
2010Lucas Mortimer -YSKC
2009Nick Mina - HSKC
2008Dom Schilke - SSKC
2007Rebecca Brant - SSKC
2000Chris Powell - SSKC
1999R Howgego
1998Owen Jones
1997Owen Jones
1995Steve Bland
1994Ashley Dilcock
1993Ashley Dilcock
1992A Morris
1991A Morris
1990A Morris
1989Chris Jeffereys
1988J Urwin
1987P Haynes
1986P Haynes
1985D Powell
1984A Graham
1983A Graham

Note : In 2007 The Cup was re-designated as an Under 17 Event and in 2013 became a Male only event with a separate cup being awarded in a Female category.

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