Monday 2 May 2011

SSKC Grand Champions Cup

Above : The Sensei Rodrigo Bastidas Memorial Cup

In 2011 there was a grand champions cup awarded for the under 17 kata and kumite events. 

The Cup was donated by two previous members of Selby Club, Luis and Carlos Bastidas in memory of their late brother Rodrigo. All three brothers trained at Selby Club with Sensei Steve Cook and in York with the late Sensei Gordon Thompson.

Luis is the club instructor at Rotherham JKA karate club and Carlos is the club instructor at East London JKA Karate Club. Rodrigo (originally from Chile) trained at Selby from 1981 to 1986 when he moved to Germany; on his return to England in 1989 he joined the JKA in London under Enodea Sensei.

The SSKC Grand Champion
The Rodrigo Bastidas Memorial Cup
(Run across Events 3, 12 and 13)
2019Lucy Winn - YSKC
2017Jadzia Molloy - TKF
Jonathan Drayton - Toukon MA
Grace Jones-Devitt - SSKC
2016Louis Johnson - Red Tiger
Frances Dook - YSKC
Matthew Ross - KNM
2015Adam Dunn - HSKC
2014Mackenzie Hopkins - Seibukan
2013Rebecca Thacker - Walsall
2012L Mackintosh - LKA
2011Phoenix Pierce - Seibukan

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